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clash of clans hack

How to get unlimited gems in Clash of Clans

Beating your friends was never easier

If you've stumbled upon this article randomly while researching what Clash of Clans really is, then, by all means, stay, and learn some more. However, if you've come here deliberately just for the unlimited gems, you can go on and skip a bit further down where you will find what you're looking for.

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games in the mobile phone gaming world. The company that created this game is now widely popular mostly due to this game, but they aren't your regular one trick pony. They also made a few other games that have made an impact on today's gaming community. Currently, their most popular game is Clash Royale, and if you want to learn more about that game too, you can check our blog section where we will talk about it in-depth.

Clash of Clans is a unique game with specially design animation, and it was one of the first of its kind when it got out. After a while, many others tried to copy the gameplay and the whole idea behind the game, but they simply couldn't overtake the one true king of this genre. Supercell, the company that made this game, created this ''Clash'' Universe whose characters also appear in Clash Royale, so if you choose to play some other game from this creator, you won't be completely in the dark.

clash of clans hack

Clash of Clans Gameplay

Clash of Clans is a free game made only for mobile phone users, but unlike most mobile phone games, this one is made to last. It first came out in 2012, but it is still one of the most popular games out there. If you played a lot of mobile phone games, then you know that most of the games that come out and everyone gets so excited about last for a couple of months and then disappear like they never existed, but not Clash. Just the fact that it's 2017 and the game is still going strong should be enough for you to try it out. But more importantly, onto the gameplay part.

We've said that this game is a pioneer in its genre, so what kind of a game is it? Well, CoC a kind of a strategy/adventure, where you have both single player and multiplayer aspects.

In this game, you are a god who has a couple of servants who will do anything you tell them to. These little guys are called builders, and they are the most important part of this whole story. You will get a town hall and two builders once you join the game. From then on out it is your job to reform this small village into an impenetrable fort with its own sustainable economy that revolves around specially designed resources, which we will talk about in just a bit.

These small guys, builders, can build anything from Gold mines and research laboratories to defensive walls and anti-aircraft guns, but also upgrade your already existing buildings. Your main building is, of course, the Town Hall, and this one dictates the level of your progress. You start from Town Hall level 1, and your goal is to reach Town Hall level 11 and complete everything that it has to offer.

Each level of Town Hall brings with it new buildings, a higher number of same buildings, and upgrades to existing buildings. It will almost look as if you are progressing to another age. Aside from construction, new Town Hall levels will also allow you to research stronger military units or further your scientific research in the laboratory.

An important part that we have to mention about this game is that upgrades take time, and that builders can only do one thing at a time. Each consecutive upgrade will take more time than the previous one, leaving some to last up to ten days. But these can be sped up by spending gems.

This may all seem a bit confusing, but once you start playing the game, the game will lead you with beginners tips, and you will get the hang of it quite easily. The game also offers achievements, which will ultimately guide you as well.

Now, we've spoken about single player and multiplayer aspects, but so far we've only focused on single player mode. We consider that everything you do with your base is your own, but there are a couple of ways you can interact with other players. One of the ways is to join a clan, and another is to wage war against random people. Joining a clan is like joining a community which is there to help you with either good advice or by lending you a small army. You can also go to war with your clan, hence, Clash of Clans. Another thing we consider multiplayer is you waging war against random people. You can attack people and raid their base, stealing their resources and leaving nothing but wasteland after you're done with them. This will help you progress faster, but it will also rank you higher in the ranking system. Some people play this game solely so that they can be ranked amongst the best players in the world, if you're as competitive as them, then you will find this game quite extraordinary.

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We've mentioned resources a bit earlier, but we haven't really said anything about them other than that they are a factor in this game. What we should have mentioned is that the game revolves around them. Resources are the most important part, and without them no progress can be made.

There are three regular types of resources and one that is premium. The first three are gold, elixir, and dark elixir, and the premium resource is gems. Each of these, aside from gems, can be harvested from special buildings that accumulate them over time, but they can also be gained by stealing them from your opponents.

Online CoC Generator

No matter what you do in this game, it will either cost gold, elixir, or dark elixir. But when it comes to gems, they are a different story. Gems, as we mentioned earlier, can be used to speed up the game. They can also be used as a substitute to any other resource in the game as well. You see, if you have gems, you have everything, but the problem is that large quantities of gems can only be acquired through a shop, where you buy them for real money.

Clash of Clans is an amazing game, but it takes too much time. If you want to play it on a daily basis with something different to do every day, you will have to spend gems, but buying that many gems turn a game that should be free into a financial nightmare. That's why we have a solution to make Clash of Clans great again.

clash of clans generator

Clash of Clans Cheats

Clash of Clans cheats is more like a generator that can create an unlimited amount of Gems in a matter of seconds. You see, we find this game incredibly fun to play, but having to wait seven days before you can perform another action kills all that fun. That's why we've had our group of programmers create Clash of Clans hack tool that will allow us to move past this obstacle. They have created a generator that is directly connected to Supercell's database which can generate any amount of gems and distribute them to any user who is currently registered in their database. This Clash of Clans hack will only require your username and the platform on which you're playing this game to provide you with as many gems as you want. Having an inexhaustible source of gems will allow you to have an uninterrupted fun where you will be able to train your army instantly and upgrade your whole city to whichever level of progress you want in a blink of an eye.

When we think back, this game was really good at the beginning where you only had to wait a few hours for an upgrade. It was enjoyable to see everything grow and transform into something better, but once the time required for a building to finish turned into a couple of days, that's when the game became boring. This Clash of Clans hack will allow you to feel like you once did, at the beginning of the game, and it will erase the horrible pauses between attacks, or in-between Town Hall upgrades.

clash of clans characters

If you like the idea behind all of this, feel free to use our CoC hack as much as you want, and don't hesitate to show this method to your friends. The process is repeatable, so if you ever find yourself short on gems again, you can always come back and get as many Clash of Clans free gems as you want.